Why cannot sent XML example request via Swagger UI?

Most of the web apps written in .NET Core supports application/json as request body content type just like response content type. This is the default configuration when creating a new app via Visual Studio or dotnet new command.

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CI/CD for K8S using Gitlab

CI/CD is one of the basic methods of continuous delivery concept. Gitlab offers the Pipelines module that implements CI/CD. We are going to show how easy is to integrate Gitlab with Kubernetes. That integration will allow us to deploy a new version of the app to the K8S cluster right after a commit.

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Good practices for creating .NET Core 5.0 Docker images

Creating docker images may seem to be easy, at first glance. We can also use many examples found on the Internet. But we can not be aware of a couple of issues, however. These images may not be optimized or even secure. In this article, we try to show you a couple of tricks that could be useful for daily-basis images creation.

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